Monday, February 4, 2013

Song review: Heart Go Down

Hello, everyone - MissTaintedLove back. 

Today I will be reviewing a song from Chicago artist Marcus Norris, called "Heart Go Down". 

Check it out - and check out Marcus Norris here


Things change
I know you do, too

Marcus Norris' tune 'Heart Go Down' is a fearless, tell-tale song dedicated to his exes. Each verse goes out to a different lady from his past, asking her in the chorus how she feels when she hears his name (Does your heart go down?). 

First, I must comment on the production of this song. This song, to me, sounds as though it was professionally produced, and that is highly commendable and makes for easier listening. The song has a nice steady rhythm, great instrumental section, and it's all masterfully put together. 

The lyrical flow is tight, and steady. It's skillfully written, and keeps the listener hooked. I know it kept me hooked! The rhymes are natural and not forced. In this well crafted piece of music, Marcus Norris communicates with the ladies of his past that even though things may not have worked out - and even that one of them may be crazy - that he will always love them forever. 

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