Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Wonder

I am an indie artist. I am a music artist. Neither of those terms should define the other - should they? Really?

The one thing that ticks me off - and most of you reading may not agree with me - is everyone knocking mainstream music, or even anything remotely mainstream. Anything that is well known is garbage in their eyes, and anything with a large audience is laughable. Anything simple is rubbish, and anything repetitive is trash.

How did we become like this?

Some even go as far as to love an artist or band, then come to dislike them as they gain a larger following. Usually these people will help promote the band, as 'fans', and get outraged that the band is so great, 'why are they not better recognized?' Yet as soon as they are, they're shit in the eyes of those 'fans'.

Again, how did we become like this?

How do we hate the simple? How do we hate the ordinary?

I'm a fan of both Vivaldi, Top40 pop music, Indie pop music, Rock & Metal music of all kinds, dubstep, and many other types of music.

I'm a musician - music is music to me.

Sometimes a song I like has what many consider 'inferior lyrics'. So what? Maybe I like it for the production value, the beat, or the instruments themselves. Do I need to give a reason why I like it?

And it comes down to that - do I need to give a reason? I honestly don't.

Everyone has an opinion of what they like, and what they think is good. But just because an opinion belongs to a person, doesn't mean they should force it on everyone else. 

Let's all just love music and stop being so uptight - k? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Tunes

Don't know if I ever shared these... these are the original tunes I have up on Youtube.


First is "When The Blood Comes".
This song was written after a dream I had, and the lines just seemed to come flowing out.

Next, is Sweet Intoxications. This one is best described as "lustful irony".

Then finally, It's All Over. This song I actually completely re-wrote 3 different times. Think I finally "got it", if you know what I mean.

You can check out more of the original tunes here at and I will let everyone know in blog posts when I will have new stuff out. :-)

As you can tell from my early stuff, I was quite young when I recorded it. I was only seventeen in the recording studio, and I'm nineteen now. But my time in the recording studio was some of the best, and most educational in my life. It also instilled in me a love for production.

Someday, I will own my own studio.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Repeating yourself?

I heard yet another interesting bite of information the other day.

I see all the time, indie artists and hipsters complain that something is repetitive, therefore lacks depth.

What I read was that actually when an artist removes any type of repetition at all from their musical art, they have the opposite effect. Instead of adding depth, they remove it.

Chew on that thought for a moment. :-)

It reminds me of how I try to write songs - simple, memborable, meaningful chorus, packed with the intricate verses that tell and carry the story along.