Monday, February 11, 2013

Artist Review: Brando Albers

Hello, everyone. MissTainted back with another artist review. 

Today, I'll be reviewing Brando Albers, an indie electronic artist from St. Catherines, Ontario. Hope you enjoy the review - all social media links are at the bottom!


"I've been writing music since I was fifteen years old. It started off as something to do with friends. As we aged, my friends moved onto other things leaving me alone with this passion"
-Brando Albers

Brando Albers is a Canadian short film maker/artist/indie composer & music artist from St. Catherines, Ontario. He began making music when he was only fifteen years old! He is very talented for being - and still being - very young. 

His new album, "Fading Away" is currently available for free download on Bandcamp right now. 

The music of 'Fading Away' is a trippey, other-wordly mixture of indie creativity and synthesized style. The sound of 'Fading Away' is of a certain excellently crafted, beautifully melancholic, soulfully poured out charm. My favourite track has to be, 'Nothing Left To Be Afraid of.' Like most all songs on this album, the intro grabs you from the beginning and refuses to release your mind. 

The music sounds of an extreme, professional quality. It has been skillfully created and produced by the multi-talented artist. 

Make sure to check out Brando Albers today! You certainly will not regret it. 

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