Monday, March 25, 2013

Review of True Holland

Hello, guys. MissTainted back, and I'm here to bring you some more great, new music. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of True Holland, a pop rock band from Seattle, Washington. Check out their music here, and check out the review below! 


'What we promise is rock in it's truest form, as hard as we possible can. Long live the dawn of modern music. We'll see you at the start.'

True Holland is a pop rock band from Seattle, Washington. They are made up of:

Brandon Eisenbies - Vocals & guitar
Justin McDonald - Bass
Dan Bach - Drums
Dave Orton - Guitar

True Holland formed in 2010, in Gig Harbor, WA. After teaming up with producer Casey Bates, the band released an EP in 2011, and then began touring nonstop. Because of this, they have developed a loyal fanbase. They pride themselves in playing an all-original set and not playing covers. They also hope to release new material in the upcoming year. 

Upon first listen to the band - and watching the extremely professional music video for 'Heavy' - I am surprised I do not hear them everywhere. 

Their sounds are of the highest quality - production-wise speaking, of course. It's always great to see a band put together an album of music that is not just crafted professionally, but recorded professionally, giving a better sound to what is already great. 

The vocals of Brandon Eisenbies are clear, and he does a great job at bringing the lyrics to life. The lyrics and tunes are quite catchy, though not annoyingly so. 

The musicians of True Holland certainly know what they're doing. The musicians almost seem to play flawlessly, true professionals at what they do. They rock, simply put. They rock. Their sound will reel you in, and keep you begging for more. You will break the replay button. 

Though they rock out hard, not hard enough to lose people, their message, and their meaning in the shuffle. 

Check out True Holland today!

Review of Soul Sanctuary

Hello, everyone. MissTainted back with another artist review today. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of Soul Sanctuary, a 6 piece heavy metal/metalcore band from the UK. Click here to check them out, and enjoy the review!


Soul Sanctuary is a 6-piece heavy metal/metalcore band from the UK. The band is made up of:

Luke Gibson - Vocals/production
Micheal Burrough - Vocals
Edward Stevens - Guitar
Anthony Montague - Guitar
Jamie Hicks - Drums
Paul Gooding - Bass

Founded in 2008, Soul Sanctuary has made an impact in the musical world from the beginning. They have been heavily influenced by bands such as Pantera, Bullet for my Valentine, Linkin Park, Slipknot, and more similar. Being a big BFMV fan myself, I can certainly hear that influence. 

Their debut album 'Afterlife' was released Halloween of 2009. The band self-produces and even releases on their own label, Forsaken Memory Records

In 2011, they followed up with the single 'Lest We Forget', in an effort to raise money for the victims of the Earthquake that struck Japan. The band has consistently supported charities and helped out. 

They are working tirelessly on an upcoming release - I have no doubt it will be completely awesome - and utterly addictive!

Not only is the music of Soul Sanctuary professional sounding (as in professionally recorded with a clean and clear, high quality sound), but the songs themselves are crafted with a high level of music skill. It's easy to tell from one listen that these guys are gifted at what they do. 

The music of Soul Sanctuary can rock out side by side against any of the metal/rock legends that I know of. 

These tunes make you want to turn the volume up and listen over and over and over. At present moment, I am on my third listen through, 'Heart Attack'! Everything about the band and their music keeps you pressing that repeat button. Their energy. Their lyrics. Their style. And not everyone can scream that well, either! A good scream is highly pleasant on the metal lover's ears. 

Check out the music of Soul Sanctuary today. You certainly won't regret it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of FreePeople

Hello everyone - MissTainted back with another review. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of FreePeople - a Hip-hop/R&B/Rock group from Orange County, California. 

Check out their music here - and enjoy the review below!


'In It To Win It'

The group FreePeople is made up of members Jeremy Nelson (drummer, vocals, lyrics, production), Nhoj Solares (keys, vocals lyrics) and Tim Fiddes (bass, guitar, keys, production). They are from Orange County, California. The band originally had a fourth member - Vic Gardenhire - who left the group in 2012. 

The group is with HustleHard Music & Entertainment Worldwide Records, Inc. 

With a unique blend of instruments, music, and lyrics - FreePeople certainly grooves to the beat of their own drummer. 

Their music itself is obviously recorded in a professional setting. Quality wise, their sounds could compete with the best of the best. The appropriate and talented use of auto-tune can be heard - and you certainly won't hear auto-tune in low quality productions!

The lyrics are clearly communicated by the vocals. FreePeople has a contagious energy, and conveys an array of emotions (depending on the song! Which is good). If you want to be impacted - check out the music of FreePeople today, here

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review of The Danbury Lie

Hello, everyone - MissTainted back with another music review!

Today, I'll be reviewing the music of The Danbury Lie, an artist from Connecticut. Hope you enjoy the review, and make sure to go check out the artist!


'The lie is in the label'

The Danbury Lie is an alternative artist from Connecticut, USA. Though there are multiple albums in the discography for The Danbury Lie, I will be primarily focusing on the music of the March 2013 release '?'

? has seven tracks in all:
-In The Rain
-Last Day 
-Elm Street
-The Final Thread
-In Time
? will make you think. This album will make you close your eyes to take it all in. The ears are filled with mystery, wonder, and chaos. The senses are tickled. The brain is delighted. The alternative folk sounds meet creative, abstract and meaningful lyrics in a modern blend.

From experimental, to folk, to alternative - it's hard to find one genre that pins down the music of the The Danbury Lie. That, however, is one of the things that makes them so unique, so captivating, and unforgettable. You won't pull your headphones out for this album - promise. 

The lyrics are clear and easy to understand. The musicianship is well-done, and the production sounds to be high quality. The guitars are the most spotlighted instrument on this album, and are played clearly, professionally and with skill. The guitar riffs are pleasant on the ears, and fit well around the lyrics.

From beginning to end, the music of ? intrigues, plays into your head, and has you refuse to put the headphones down. 

Make sure to go check it out, now - here

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review of The Mascot Theory

Hello, everyone - MissTaintedLove back with another music review. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of 'The Mascot Theory', an alternative country-rock band from Madison, Wisconsin. I will mainly be reviewing the music from their debut album, 'Under the Borrowed Moon'. 

Check them out here, and enjoy the review!


"The music of Mascot Theory has been called 'a full-fat, high-energy dose of Americana-tinged, folk-country rock'" - From the band's Facebook page

The Mascot Theory is a country/rock and roll band from Madison, Wisconsin, and they are signed with Stone After Stone Records. The band is made up of:

Erik Kjelland - vocals, acoustic guitar, banjitar
Nick Fry - upright bass, vocals
Adam White - vocals, electric guitar
Paul Metz - drums, percussion, vocals

Their jams, rhythms, and riffs are mostly deliciously country. Their attitude is rocking, edgy, with a story to tell and something to say. From the slower storytale, 'Time to Move on' to the rockin', toe-tappin' 'Asphodel Meadows' to the totally rockin' out 'Like Babel Coming Down- every song is made to move you. Every tune is crafted to the tune of someone's feelings, and the lyrics are meant to say so much. 

The musicianship of every piece is professionally done, and all songs are professionally recorded. The vocals are clear, crisp, and forefront. The production is flawless. 

Don't just take my word for it - go and check out The Mascot Theory right now! You certainly will not regret it, and your ear drums will thank you.