Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Music review of HIGHSPEEDDIRT

Hello everyone - Misstaintedlove back with another music review. 

Today, I'll be reviewing the music of HIGHSPEEDDIRT, a Hard Rock/Melodic metal band from Milan, Italy. Hope you enjoy, and check out the band's website here


HIGHSPEEDDIRT (high speed dirt) is a hard rock/melodic metal band from Milan, Italy. The band members are: Marco Maraschi (vocals), Federico Dick (bass guitar), Stefano Motta (drums) and Domenico Santoro (guitars). 

They have a new album out right now, called 'Playing Hard'. 

I love reviewing metal/hard rock bands like HIGHSPEEDDIRT. Metal/rock is already my favourite genre, and coming across great metal/rock music makes my job so much easier. 

HIGHSPEEDDIRT has all the elements in their corner needed to make a great metal album: energy, enthusiasm, and musicianship. From 'Tragic Ending' to 'Raise Your Middle Finger in the Air', they skillfully put together a great addition to the metal world. HIGHSPEEDDIRT has everything there - rockin' guitars, a steady beat, and excellent vocals (not to mention, great lyrics). They make you wanna jump out of your chair, and bang that head. 

Check out HIGHSPEEDDIRT today!

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