Sunday, January 27, 2013

Artist Review: Manteye

Hello everyone - I'm back with a new artist review. 

Today, I'll be reviewing Manteye (Mark Manthei), an artist from Toronto, Canada. Hope you enjoy, and check out the artist here! Social media links below the review. 


"Manteye's heartfelt vocals have never sounded so honest and meaningful, his songs finding strength in their intimacy and sheer beauty of a few, simple and well-arranged elements." 

Mark Manthei or Manteye is a Canadian artist from Toronto who saw mainstream success come his way in the early 90's, only to retire from the music scene all together until recently - nearly 20 years later. 

His music is described as blues and country infused pop/rock. 

After listening through most of the tracks on Manteye's sound cloud page, I only have one thing to say - I want to hear more!

"Blown Away" would have to my favourite track, with longing vocals, sincere lyrics, and a soulful melody that carries the song through. "Kill the Music" is another great (especially the version with flute), which is memorable, deep and thought-provoking. "Sure Don't Mind" is fun, and you can't help but want to move along to this one!

He also has some great covers worth checking out, including the infamous song 'Hurt'. 

Manteye has a consistent, clear, and distinctive voice. He is a well-rounded, talented, and fearless artist. When you listen to the music, it stays with you. And that, my friends, is very much a good thing. The lyrics will paint a picture in your mind, and Manteye's voice is a hell of an enjoyable brush. 

Check out Manteye today, at the following links. 

Soundcloud (quite a bit of music to listen to here!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Artist Review: Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects

Hello, all. MissTainted back with another music review. 

Today I'll be reviewing the music of Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects. Hope you enjoy as much as I have! Make sure to check it out! All social media links below the review. 


"Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects are an eclectic rock power trio from Zagreb, Croatia. The band consists of Ivan Mihaljevic on guitar and vocals, Marko Karacic Karo on bass and Alen Frljak on drums."
-From the band's official site biography

First of all, I must say that in the short time I have been doing these musical reviews, this is some of the best music that I have been presented with. Not only is it extremely well recorded (sounds professionally produced) and very well played (very professional musicianship), but it is of my favourite genre (rock), and these tunes will have a great impact on your ears, your body, and your mind. 

Trust me. 

Anyway, let's get into it. 

The band has quite an impressive discography, having released the following albums: Sandcastle (2008), Live In Jabuka (2008, as well), Destination Unknown (2010), and their most recent Counterclockwise (2012). I will be mostly reviewing the music of the latter album. 

The band members themselves have quite the impressive musical resume. 

Ivan Mihaljevic - leading foreman of the group. He himself is a musical producer and sings & acts in musical theater. He has worked with other bands, such as Hard Time. He is a prominent guitarist and has played with Les Paul, and produces instructional guitar videos. He was named Best [Guitar] Shredder of 2010, and has played all over the world. 

Drummer Alen Frijak teaches drums at a musical school in Croatia, and works as a session drummer. 

Bassist Marko Karacic Karo plays with a separate hard rock band, and has only recently joined Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects in 2012. 

The band has numerous achievements, one of which is playing the large Heineken Jamming Festival in July 2012, which was headlined by acts such as Red Chili Peppers, Prodigy, The Cure, and more. 

The band's latest album "Counterclockwise" is a highly impressive collection of work. 'Driving Force' has got to be my favourite song from this album. 
Their work is professional sounding, and or high quality musical artistry. The musical sound comes across as natural and flowing, instead of forced and manufactured artificially. 

It is a concept album, and you realize that right away lyrically. 

The lyrics and music keep a consistent emotional tone, keeping things well grounded in the message the album sends. 

"Too Much Is Not Enough" brings a beautiful, flowing feeling into the album. It starts it off on the right 'note', so to speak, and makes you pay attention to what the singer has to 'say'. 'Gift of Life' will suck you in from the very beginning, much like most of the rest of the songs on this album. 
'Eclipse' is incredible, especially the opening. Very different from what you'll hear from a lot of music, as the beginning is prepared with bells, woodwinds, and other instruments not typical of the rock genre. There's a very musical theater, whimsical yet malevolent feel to the opening of this song. 

Through the course of the album, you will feel as though you are on a journey. As I've listened twice now to the music of counterclockwise from the band's Sound Cloud page, I know I want to repeat that journey yet again. 'Play' button, here I come. 

You absolutely must check out this music today, at the following links:

And go buy their album from CDbaby

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Music Review: Post Trauma.

Hello everyone! I am bringing you another music review right now. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of Post Trauma, a country rock band from Fullerton, California. You can check out their music here, and more links can be found below the review!


"Making great songs and bringing them to life on record and stage to share with the world."

Post Trauma is a California Country Rock band compromised of members Billy Ulrich, Kenny Ulrich, Joey Gnoffo, and Sean Boddy. They are a Jagermesiter sponsored band, and have just released the first half of a double album, referred to as 'Sleepless'. The double album together is named 'Sleepless and Dreamless'. 

'Dreamless' will be released in May of 2013. Keep an eye out for that. 

The music of Post Trauma is undoubtedly unapologetic, rockin country music with a hint of added bluegrass, that packs a punch. They are highly dedicated to the music they make. It's easy to tell that with just one listen. 

'Get Up in the AM' has to be my favourite Post Trauma track. Besides being just plain funny, it's very well recorded, played, written, and more - like all of their music. 
The vocals are free, and flow nicely, telling a story. The instrumental tracks are flawless, as well. 

I give them five stars and beyond. 

Go take a listen to Post Trauma today. I promise you - they will become your new favourite country band!

You can check them out at the links below: