Sunday, January 27, 2013

Artist Review: Manteye

Hello everyone - I'm back with a new artist review. 

Today, I'll be reviewing Manteye (Mark Manthei), an artist from Toronto, Canada. Hope you enjoy, and check out the artist here! Social media links below the review. 


"Manteye's heartfelt vocals have never sounded so honest and meaningful, his songs finding strength in their intimacy and sheer beauty of a few, simple and well-arranged elements." 

Mark Manthei or Manteye is a Canadian artist from Toronto who saw mainstream success come his way in the early 90's, only to retire from the music scene all together until recently - nearly 20 years later. 

His music is described as blues and country infused pop/rock. 

After listening through most of the tracks on Manteye's sound cloud page, I only have one thing to say - I want to hear more!

"Blown Away" would have to my favourite track, with longing vocals, sincere lyrics, and a soulful melody that carries the song through. "Kill the Music" is another great (especially the version with flute), which is memorable, deep and thought-provoking. "Sure Don't Mind" is fun, and you can't help but want to move along to this one!

He also has some great covers worth checking out, including the infamous song 'Hurt'. 

Manteye has a consistent, clear, and distinctive voice. He is a well-rounded, talented, and fearless artist. When you listen to the music, it stays with you. And that, my friends, is very much a good thing. The lyrics will paint a picture in your mind, and Manteye's voice is a hell of an enjoyable brush. 

Check out Manteye today, at the following links. 

Soundcloud (quite a bit of music to listen to here!)

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