Monday, December 24, 2012

Artist Review: Chords of Truth

Hello everyone! I'm back with another artist review. 

This time, I'll be reviewing and sharing music by Jason Garriotte (Chords of Truth), which has been remixed by producer Acid Nab. 

Enjoy the music - and check out the remixed EP here!


Remixed or not - there are some great tunes coming from Chords of Truth. The lyrics are incredible and tell a very straightforward story, and Jason's voice becomes one with you. He tells it how it is, and does so skillfully and with great depth. It's like listening to the words of a wise friend. 

Anyway, the particular project I am writing about is Jason's remixed album, which has been re-created by producer Acid Nab, which describes the re-stylized version as "Laptopfolk". 

The remix has been brilliantly done. While the producer has added a great touch of his own style and interpretation, he has stayed true to the artist's original work, vision, and stories. To be perfectly blunt, this is great music to just zone/chill out to, not have to think, harness the energy, and just enjoy the ride. 

There is a true and utter serene beauty to "What Life Is About", from the moment the song begins. Personally, "Tune Your Mind" is my favourite tune, especially from a lyrical standpoint. Though just like every song on the EP, the beat is great, too. 

Either way, this is one EP you won't want to miss!

Make sure to check it out here

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review of Etiera

Hello everyone. MTL back. 

Today, I will be writing a review on the music of Etiera, an alternative rock band from Uniontown, Pennsylvania (another PA artist, like me!)

Listen up everyone, and hope you enjoy the review!


Etiera is unforgettable, as they are described. I have already listened to their song "Reach" three times now, and will probably continue to do so. 'Close to Nothing' is also absolutely impossible to press that pause button on!

Etiera is made up of lead singer/guitarist Josh Morris, drummer Derek Showman, and bassist Johnny Rugola. They are a part of Goldirock Records, and currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA (they originally come from Uniontown). On their Facebook, the band lists their interests as "the Sky, Space, The Stars, The Sun, The Moon, Love, Life, God/Jesus, Nature, Traveling, Family, Friends, Somewhere Beautiful, Oceans, Ambiance, Words, Abstraction, Dreams, Guitar Noise, Growth, Decay, Synthesizers".

Besides playing it, the band writes, records, mixes, and produces their music themselves. 

Etiera is certainly a band that is very creative and artistic with their music. Lead singer Josh has a voice that stays with you, and gets inside your head & heart. His vocals are very distinct, and memorable. He has such a clear, resonant tone. 
The craftsmanship of the music itself is fantastic. The bass and drums keep a great steady rhythm. The guitars have a loud, presence. It's obvious to tell these guys are beyond professional. 

Some of the music riffs - especially the guitar openings to "Reach" and "Drowning Inside" just get stuck inside your head, and stay there. 

They make music to make you feel. That's very evident when listening. 

They make music to move you. 

Go check out Etiera today, at the links below:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Review of SKiLTRaX

Hello everyone. I bring you another artist music review. 

Today, I'll be reviewing the music of electronic artist/producer SKiLTRaX, from Connecticut. Stay tuned, read up, and enjoy! Make sure to check out the artist's music here


"I have always had a gift for music, but I never had the skill to play instruments well enough to translate it.  I had all these great tunes running through my head and no way to let them out.  Now that computers can create any sound you can imagine, I can turn my ideas into reality without needing the manual skill and coordination necessary to play an instrument.  Is that cheating?  Maybe, but all I care about is that I can hear whatever I dream up without any limitations"
-SKiLTRaX, in his own words. 

As stated before, SKiLTRaX is a dance/electronic artist from Connecticut. He describes his process as being simple, he makes music that he likes to hear. A very honest statement. The music he makes is extremely likable to more than him! At this moment, I am listening to "Big Bad Wolf", and can't take my headphones off!

This is the perfect music to listen to if one is looking for great trance/electronic music to just zone out to and enjoy. It's fantastic for dancing, and just letting go to the feel of the beat. It's great music to trip out to. 'Protagonist' happens to be my favourite. Those drums just pound away into my brain, making me feel like one with the rhythm. 

What's not to love?

Listening to recently released track, "Fantasmic" is like stepping into a whole new world. 'Elevate your mind' speaks the truth of this track. 

It's highly obvious when listening to the music of SKiLTRaX that he puts a lot of work into creating these killer tunes. The high amount of creativity and musical love is also extremely apparent. 

Go check out the music of SKiLTRaX today. You will fall in love.