Monday, May 13, 2013

Arenas music review

MissTainted here with another artist review. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of Arenas, a hip-hop artist from Northern California. 

Check out Arenas here, and be sure to enjoy the review!


"Arenas is a Bay Area native, currently residing in the suburbs of Sacramento. From humble beginnings at an Oakland-based indie label in 2007, to west coast music pioneer Mr. Sef's 'Go Get It Records' imprint, Arenas has been working to shape his sound."

Arenas is a hip-hop artist from Northern California, with Go Get It Records. His current record is, "ORBIT: The Rotation". Orbit is available for free, and is all original content - most of which has been produced by Arenas himself.

Arenas has been collaborating with some great artists from the bay area, such as Du Damage, Mr. Sef, Damey, and more.

Arenas' music is high quality, speaking of terms in production, performance, and lyrical quality. His voice is clear. His vocal energy and lyrical flow are both what makes him a talented, unforgettable artist.

The consistency of Arenas music rivals major label artists, and anyone could see that he's going places. Unlike many indie hip-hop artists - his voice and message come through loud and clear. The vocal annotation and pronunciation certainly doesn't fall short.

His songs are catchy, and a worthy addition to any hip-hip lover's collection.

Get 'ORBIT: The Rotation' here today. 

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