Thursday, April 25, 2013

Artist review of System Fade

Hello, everyone - MissTainted back with another music review. 

Today, I'll be reviewing the music of System Fade, an electronic music producer from Port Richey, Florida. Enjoy the review, and be sure to check out the music of System Fade here


'System Fade can be described as a mix of chillout electronica combined with elements of dance wrapped in an ethereal vibe.'

As stated before, System Fade (Justin Beck) is an electronic music producer from Port Richey, Florida. System Fade is independent - without a label. He lists his influences as Skrillex, Deadmau5, Seven Lions, and The Glitch Mob. 

System Fade's most recent project is recently released 'Departure'. While I'll mostly focus on that in the review, I will mention other music by System Fade. My favourite song from this artist (which I've already listened to four or five times now) has to be 'Initial Exposure', from 'Spiral'. I can't get enough of the use of strings on this song. 

A few of the songs from 'Departure' are 'Diamond', 'Departure', 'Coward', and 'Curtains'. The songs feature a vocalist - Veela. In 'Departure', System Fade stays true to an electronic, abstract, chill style with powerful, mind-blowing beats, while also focusing on the use of a consistent vocalist. The creative ways in which he has manipulated and used her vocals in 'Departure' are nothing short of a stroke of genius. The dub-step sounds blended into the songs of 'Departure' make for a great and unique sound. As a string player, I also can't help but love the particular string sections on 'Curtains' and 'Diamond'. 

The music of System Fade is steady, consistent, creative, fulfilling to the ear drums, curious, and marvelously well-crafted. This is production skill at it's finest here. 

System Fade is certainly one to keep an eye on for the future. Check out the music here!

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