Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Music review of Pia Dean

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MissTaintedLove here with an artist review today.
I will be reviewing Pia Dean, an indie artist from Cambridge. 

"Pia is a new UK indie songwriter who loves creating partnerships between words & music. Pia likes to give each track its own identity, which reflect influences that cross various genres."
-Pia Dean's Reverbnation page

Hope you enjoy the review! You can check out Pia Dean's music here


"Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me
"Another walk down crazy heart-break street"
-Pia Dean, "Achilles Heal"

Ever heard 'Achilles Heal'? You should. 
After a long listening session through the music of UK artist Pia Dean's music, it happens to be my favourite track, and the one I just couldn't help but replay over and over. 

All of her music is like that. 

Pia Dean is a songwriter that makes good use of extremely talented background vocalists on her music. Some of them include Caroline Langford and. Nikki Dine-Hart.   The voices are beautiful, clear, and have strong, amazing tone to them. When listening to her music being sung, you feel as though you're listening to an old familiar friend tell a tale. Even though it's not her voice, her personality jumps right out of the music, grabbing your attention as soon as you press 'play'. 

The backing music complements both the singer(s) and the lyrics themselves. One can tell that talented musicians were involved in the making. 
Her music videos are also stunning. Very high quality, and tell a tale that fits with the music. 

"Brand new day, and it's looking good
"Feels like I'm alive again"
-Pia Dean's 'Another Maybe'

Some of Pia Dean's influences listed include Amy Winehouse, James Morrison, U2, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, KOL, Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Adele & P!nk. Her genre is self described as a mix of pop, alternative, R&B, and acoustic. 

Fairly accurate, I believe. 

All in all, Pia Dean is an artist that you must add to your music library. It is not complete without her!

Her links below:

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