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"Gone For Days" Band Interview

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This is MissTaintedLove and I am back with another artist interview for your enjoyment!
Today I will be interview Jesse Wayne Hatch of the band "Gone for Days". 

Hope you enjoy the interview! You can check out the band here


What member of the band am I talking to? 
Jesse Wayne Hatch, the guitarist/songwriter.

Who are the band members, and what do they each play?
Chris Taylor: Singer/songwriter  
Jesse Wayne Hatch: Singer/songwriter/guitarist
    Justin Pacy: Drums
   Chris Dickman: Bass Guitar

How did the band come together?
I had a production deal in place with a producer in MO who had done trust co., breaking Benjamin etc. with my singer from the band I was in on MCA records. Long story short, he needed to back out so I was left with all these killer tracks with no singer. Chris Taylor was the singer for NH band Vegas Temper who I was familiar with through mutual management. I call Erik Baker and said "What's Chris Taylor doing?" I sent him some tracks and he demoed them in NH while I was in Nashville TN . We like what we heard and after getting industry attention with the songs I knew we had something so I left Nashville for Manchester to Record the record and put the band together.

The name "Gone For Days" - how did that come about? 
When Chris and I first met it was in Springfield Mo to record. He told his wife he would be gone 4 days. Our eyebrows pirked up but I was opposed to have a number in the name. It's soooo over done.  So we came up with 'for days' and the name can hold different mindsets or emotions - so it stuck. I loved it immediately. Chris is lyrically awesome so he tends to come up with great names.

If you could describe the band and your music in five words, what would they be? 
Strong, catchy, emotional, energetic, real.

What do you feel sets you guys apart from the crowd? 
Our songs. They are well thought out and inspired. Hooks, people. Hooks.

What is the inspiration for your music?
Life and emotion.

Have you guys ever worked with any other notable musicians, or on any other projects/collaborations?
I've worked with a lot of people over the years. Chris Daughtry worked with me on gettin' a deal years ago. That was def. a highlight. The band has opened for the likes of Fuel, Filter, Hinder,Taproot, Staind, Shinedown , Godsmack, Candle box, saving Abel, Stone Temple Pilots, and Seether - to name a few.

How were you first introduced to music in your life?
My father played in a rock band in the 70's and early 80's so I was exposed to it early on. I had my hands on a guitar when I was five.

At what point in your life was the defining moment that made you realize what you wanted to do, as a musician? 
First time I played a huge venue for national I was about 16. Sold.

What do you feel is the best piece of music you've created? Why do you choose this one? 
Definitely 'Guilty Pleasure'. I've written and recorded with Oscar winning songwriters and producers as well as written songs for major label bands and the reaction I've gotten from 'Guilty' is second to none.  A Freind of mine in the biz, Charlie P - a rep at Universal - always said to me " it can take one song to change your life".

Tell us about your current album? What sets this project apart from the others you've done before? 
Well, Jon Wyman - our producer - is the first thing. Best studio experience I've ever had and can speak for the other members as well.  Second I think its the peak of songwriting for Chris and I, as well.

What plans do you have in the near future for music release/recording? What sets this upcoming project apart from your previous ones? 
Well, we just released the EP with seven songs after a overwhelming response at radio with 'Guilty Pleasure'. I personally have a record dropping with EMI in a couple months  from Future Leaders Of The World. They are a former Epic Records band who's single "Let me Out" went to number 2, I believe, on Billboard charts. I wrote 2 songs on the record with singer Phil Taylor recorded in Nashville, with Producer Jon King and mixed by John Lecompt of Evanescence.

Any upcoming tour plans?
Yup. Hittin' the road for the midwest next month. We are playing the NASCAR race at the Chicago Sugerland speedway on Sept. 15th and hopefully catching up with Ten Years in Ohio on the way back.

Where do you see the band five years from now?
Hopefully successful, but there is no crystal ball with this stuff.

What are your thoughts of the current state of the music industry? How do you feel you and the band fit into it? 
It's bad. Having worked for major labels in the past, I'm still really connected on what the state of the industry is. But I also can use that to my advantage as well. The band fits well in that the songs are top ten material in my opinion and can hold up to the other stuff that's out there pretty well. We are hard working and stay away from heavy drugs and drinking which is the reason many bands fall apart.

Any words of advice for young/aspiring musicians?
Be ready for disappointment or failure. But don't stop of its what you know in your heart it's what you want. You have to be built for the biz. It's hard out there.

Anything else? 
All set I think. Request 'Guilty Pleasure' on Octane and your local FM stations!

You can check out more about "Gone for Days" from the links below! Thanks again to the band for the interview!

Official Site

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