Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of FreePeople

Hello everyone - MissTainted back with another review. 

Today, I will be reviewing the music of FreePeople - a Hip-hop/R&B/Rock group from Orange County, California. 

Check out their music here - and enjoy the review below!


'In It To Win It'

The group FreePeople is made up of members Jeremy Nelson (drummer, vocals, lyrics, production), Nhoj Solares (keys, vocals lyrics) and Tim Fiddes (bass, guitar, keys, production). They are from Orange County, California. The band originally had a fourth member - Vic Gardenhire - who left the group in 2012. 

The group is with HustleHard Music & Entertainment Worldwide Records, Inc. 

With a unique blend of instruments, music, and lyrics - FreePeople certainly grooves to the beat of their own drummer. 

Their music itself is obviously recorded in a professional setting. Quality wise, their sounds could compete with the best of the best. The appropriate and talented use of auto-tune can be heard - and you certainly won't hear auto-tune in low quality productions!

The lyrics are clearly communicated by the vocals. FreePeople has a contagious energy, and conveys an array of emotions (depending on the song! Which is good). If you want to be impacted - check out the music of FreePeople today, here

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