Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Band Review: The Striped Bananas

Hello, everyone. MissTaintedLove back with a new review. 

This time, I will be reviewing the music of Baltimore's The Strip Bananas, a psychedelic 'basement' rock band. 

Hope you enjoy the review, and make sure to go check out their music here


"Concocted from the brain waves of three social conglomerates, the Striped Bananas are pushing into new sounds for exquisite people-"
-From the band's Facebook

The Striped Bananas is made up of:

-Duncan Shepherd: vocals, guitars, and production
-Chantelle Lussier: vocals, keyboards, and bass
-Andrew Lowdon: drums and backing vocals
Duncan Shepherd is also the main songwriter, unless it's specified otherwise. 

The Striped Bananas' influences include The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Beatles, Nirvana, Neil Young and more. You can find a complete list on the band's Facebook page. Out of all of these, I especially hear the Beach Boys and Nirvana have had a definite inspiration on the band's style. But hey, that's just my opinion. 

They list their favourite interests as jamming, composing, having fun, and gigging.

The band right now is offering a 10 song Debut Album. After listening to every song, this is my review and opinion of the music. One thing I must say first off, is that I feel this music has been very well recorded. It sounds very professional to me, even if it actually was done in a basement. 


1 -Broken Wings: This has to be my favourite track on the album. It has that perfect "beginning, right out of the gate" feel to it. Though it starts slower, you can feel it picking up (especially the drums) into the first chorus, and it's taking you with it. "Where are we going? We've been here already."

2 -Take My Hand: This song has two really, really great things going for it - catchy, tight lyrics, and some really sick bass licks. This is most certainly a 'feel good' song, or at least it feels so to the brain. 

3 -Mind Desert: If you know me, you know I loved guitar distortion. That main guitar lick has me from the beginning, draws me in, and keeps my attention. The guitar in this song is kickin', and I'm in love with the groove of this track. 

4 -Brain Waves: The way the voices blend together in the beginning is beautiful, and gives way into a song that stays beautiful. This song has a very strong lyrical presence, and some great-sounding acoustic guitar, to boot. I especially love where this song goes at 2:10. Effects? Bring it on. 

5 -Memories: "They never fade away, even when the seasons change." I am in love with this song lyrically. "Times keep changing now that I've lost her," is my favourite line, a section from the chorus. Lyrically speaking, this song is rather catchy. 

6 -Lady Lazarus: Though this song seems to have the most mysterious feel to it than any other song on the record, but it is still rather enjoyable. More than worth the listen. It'd be interesting to know the backstory of the lyrics to this song. 

7 -Into Your Eyes: "Death steps in for a drink". This talking line at the end got me, for sure, and the feeling of it stayed with me. 

8 -Stop Reality: It slows down here, in this song. That's evident with the strong presence of the acoustic guitar, and a chilled out strum. The flowing, story-telling vocals really help bring it home. 

9 -Ghost Girl: This is another song I'd like to know the backstory to. It is very intriguing lyrically, and brought forward brilliantly through the vocals and accompanying music. 

10 -Our Life Flows: The beginning of this song is truly beautiful. The songs of the instruments blend together  in the ears, and prepare beautifully for the vocal's appearance. Though this is the shortest song on the album, it is the perfect song to end it with. 


Make sure to go check out and download The Striped Bananas' tunes - you really won't regret it!

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