Friday, October 19, 2012

Review of Morning Fame

Hello, all. MissTaintedLove back. 

Today I will be doing a musical review of the band "Morning Fame", an alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario. 
Enjoy the review. You can check out their official site here


"Morning Fame is an alternative rock band that defines what happens when four uniquely talented and passionate musicians come together and develop a strong musical chemistry"
-From the band's Facebook


Morning Fame is made up of members Vik Kapur (vocals), Joe Liranzo (guitarist), Alan Dennis (drums), and Rob Giberti (bass), and the band is from Toronto, Ontario of Canada. 
Some of the bands influences include Gin Blossoms, R.E.M., The Cure, Soda Stereo, and U2. They define their genre on their Facebook page as pop rock/alternative rock. They also describe their sounds as, "ringing arpeggiated guitar, the plaintive vocals, the intricate drum lines, melodic bass lines". 

The band has a few great tracks uploaded onto Youtube, which are actually live versions of their songs. "Turn to Stone", "The Colour of Sound", "Joker's Game" and "Time" are all live songs that can be found on Youtube by the band. 

The live videos are great visually. Very interesting to watch, and good effort has been put into them. 
It is obvious from watching them perform that the band has energy, enthusiasm, drive, and talent. Their appearances fit well with the genre and the music they play. 

The band's music has a great rock, familiar, catchy sense about it. It is played and written professionally - that is obvious to see and hear. They compliment each other well, and fit great together. 
"Time" happens to be my favourite song to listen to from this band. Great lyrics, great music, great feel, great performance - great everything. 

'It's hard enough to breathe, when time has got a hold on me.'

Lyrics in all of the songs are well written and captivating. 

You can check out the band's sites below. Go check them out!

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