Saturday, October 6, 2012

Band Review of The Swank

Hello, everyone. 

MissTaintedLove is back, and this time, I have another music review. 
This time, I will be reviewing the band known as The Swank. Hope you enjoy the review, and please go check them out!

You certainly won't regret it!


"Imagine pairing a band with N.E.R.D.'s progressive urban alternative sound, Nirvana's grit and an emcee armed with Lil Wayne's wit and penchant for creativity.That doesn't exist, but if it did, it would sound something like The Swank"
-From The Swank's official site

The Swank describes themselves as an urban rock band, or rather, "hip hop swag with a punk rock attitude". They also declare that they are "doper than tiger blood and bath salts". They are from Athens, Georgia, and list their influences on their Facebook as "beer". 

Definitely has me interested. 

The band consists of four members...

El, guitarist
Possum, drummer
Sway, 'hype man extraordinaire'
And Son1, the front man

"Swank or die"

Even this lesbian has to admit these guys are cute. Yeah, I know that doesn't pertain directly to the music. This is my blog. Deal with it. 
I must say my absolute favourite track from these guys is "Ass", (which you can listen to above, it's the first Youtube video I posted of them). Everything about this song is awesome. The distorted guitar, the steady beat, the dope lyrics, and the clear rap vocals. 

I might mentioned I had to listen to 'Ass' twice. 
Anyway... moving on. 

"Amanda" was the next track I listened to. I may mention first... the music video for this is sick. And by sick, I mean good sick, not flu sick. Think before you read. 
Like the first song, the instrumental - guitar, drums, etc. - is kickin'. I am a rather large fan of anything rock oriented, and anything rap oriented. These guys are great to listen to. But I'm getting distracted here. 
"She's the melody in my love song", was my favourite line from 'Amanda'. This song was also worth a second listen, and more. 


"Ape Shit" has some awesome, attention-catching drums to start the song out. The lyrics are very catchy, and the guitar riff is addictive. 
The moment the word 'weed' is mentioned, that means I automatically have to give it a second listen.


I know Black and Yellow isn't an original by this group. But Black and Yellow happens to be one of my favourite songs (it has nothing to do with the fact I'm from Pennsylvania. Yes, yes it does).
The freestyle they've done to this song is worth every listen. 

I get asked to review and interview a lot of bands. Only half the time is the genre something extremely unique that is also something right up to my alley, aka, what I listen to on my own accord without being asked. 
This band def. is right up my alley. 

You guys had me the moment you mentioned hip hop + punk. 

And everyone, I'm commanding you - go listen to these guys. If you like what I like, you'll certainly like them. 

You can check them out at the links below:

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