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Artist Interview with Mason Blair of "Sounds of Saturn"

Hello everyone - MissTaintedLove here. Welcome back to My One Sane Note. It's time, you guessed it, for another artist interview. 

Today I will be talking to Mason Blair from Texas electro-pop-rock band "Sounds of Saturn". You can check out the bands' Facebook page here, and I hope you enjoy my interview with their lead vocalist!


MTL: The name "Sounds of Saturn" - how did that come about?
Mason: We actually came up with the name from an astrology website that showed
what each planet represents.
Saturn represents limits, and we're all about pushing our limits, especially
with our music. So Sounds of Saturn seemed like a good pick!
Plus it can be abbreviated to S.o.S which we think is super cool.

MTL: Who are the band members, and what do they each play?
Mason: Well, we are a base duo, and occasionally we'll have a live drummer
and some backup singers and the rare stripper (yes, that was a joke haha).
But basically:
Mason (Me): Lead Vocals, Synthesizer, Guitars
Garrett: Vocals, Synthesizer.

MTL: How did the band come together?
Mason: Well you see, back in the summer of 1976 a man met a wo…
Nah, just kidding.
Back in March of 2006 two boys were in an Algebra class in their freshman year of high school, which they both happened to be failing, and they instantly connected. And the Shenanigans have ensued ever since. One night after going bowling we actually just started talking about forming a band (the same talk had happened before, but this one was somehow different) and we got our crap together and finally played some music together. And it was wonderful, shortly after that we came up with the name ‘Sounds of Saturn’ (S.o.S).

MTL: How would you describe the genre of music you create?
Mason: I would definately describe it as 'different'. We're trying to blend things together that just typically don't go together. Kind of like if Daft Punk and The cure met and had a baby at a swingers party with
Tiesto and Blink 182.
I have no problem saying that I've never heard anything quite like us before.

MTL: What do you feel sets you guys apart from the crowd?
Mason: We believe we have a VERRYY unique sound and attitude (I've never personally heard anyone else with our particular style of music and I think most people can agree) not to mention we're two of the strangest/craziest guys that have ever walked the earth.
Not sure we’ve ever really been a part of ‘the crowd’ to begin with.

MTL: What is the inspiration for your music?
Mason: Life.
All of our songs come straight from within us (call it cheesy, it's the truth). Each one tells a story of a feeling, dream, nightmare, happening, person, or other sort. We believe the best songs come straight from the soul, and we strive to write our music in that mindset.

MTL: If you could describe the band and your music in five words, what would they be?

MTL: What do you feel is the best piece of music you've created? Why do you choose this one?
Mason: Personally, I’ll have to say ‘Fly’ is the best. There’s a lot of personal meaning in that song that most people won’t get nor understand. In fact, I think everyone in the band can agree with me on that one, not to mention it was the first song we ever wrote together.  (coincidentally it’s the most popular)

MTL: Have you guys ever worked with any other notable musicians, or on any other projects/collaborations?
Mason: On the word of projects,
I have been in loads of bands.
None that are 'notable'.
On the word of collaborations,
We do have plans to collab with some local artists in the near future!

MTL: How were you first introduced to music in your life?
Mason: I’m going to try and remember as far back as possible here... I remember my dad used to bump Green Day and Weezer CD’s in his car when he’d pick me and my brother up (parents were divorced). And those tracks still remain as catchy to me today as they did back then. I’m sure I heard other artists before then, but when you’re 5 it’s hard to actually find music you actually care for seeing you spend most of your time shoving foreign objects up your nose and into your ears.

MTL: At what point in your life was the defining moment that made you realize what you wanted to do, as a musician?
Mason: Call me clich√©, but I do believe it was the moment I got my first guitar as a gift for one of my birthdays some years ago. My dad got it for me, I’ve played that bad boy everyday, and I don’t plan on stopping . Ever. So I figured I might as well try and do something with the talent ya know? Either that or the time my mother yelled at me to turn it down for the first time, let me tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling hearing your superior try and scream over a 40w amp cranking out KISS songs.

MTL: Tell us about your current album?
Mason: Well, right now our current debut album is a big collection of our demos entitled '3-2-1 Blastoff!'
And it's the first project we've done together as a band. So it's a pretty exciting time for us!

MTL: What plans do you have in the near future for music release/recording? What sets this upcoming project apart from your previous ones?
Mason: We plan on starting on our next album soon.
We were thinking about doing a concept album, kind of like Rush’s ‘2112’ or Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’
We also plan on getting some studio work done for our demo cd ‘3,2,1 BLASTOFF’ So it sounds a little more professional.

MTL: Any upcoming tour plans?
Mason: We’re on what we like to call the Denton Texas Tour right now.
Lots of crazy college parties and playing the Backyard Arena is the extent of that at the moment.
We’ll probably drive south a bit and play a couple shows in Austin and San Antonio.
But sadly we won’t be going on any world tours anytime soon (unless you count the one we’re currently doing on Rock Band).

MTL: Where do you see the band five years from now?
Mason: Well, it'd be nice to see our name in lights, though that's highly unlikely to happen.
But I truly see our band in the same place it's been before it even started,
as a friendship between two guys who just happen to have a burning passion for music,
and even if this project falls apart over the years (which we surely hope it doesn't), we'll
still have our bromance ya' know?

MTL: What are your thoughts of the current state of the music industry? How do you feel you and the band fit into it?
Mason: All I can say to that is 'LOL'. We have MANUFACTURED INDIE BANDS topping the industry...
Think about that term for a second...seriously...haha.
I think that it's become very bland and in need of some color, and I think that bands like ours
(the kind that truly don't fit the 'mold' persay) could possibly be the future of
this said 'industry'

MTL: Any words of advice for young/aspiring musicians?
Mason: Practice.
Eat your vegetables.
Play with as many people as possible.
Don’t play to ‘become famous’, that’s the biggest mistake you can pull, write music that means something to YOU, if other people like it, AWESOME! If not, atleast you’re doing what makes sense to you.

MTL: Anything else you'd like to add?
Mason: I <3 Doritos Locos Tacos
But on a real note, we'd like to thank everyone for reading this.
And that we think that kitkatpiano (MissTaintedLove) is adorable.
And we thank her for taking the opportunity and time to interview us.
And to check out our page at
And that we hope you get a kick out of our jams.
Thug life.

Once again, everyone - that was Mason Blair of "Sounds of Saturn". I highly recommend you check out their stuff! Thanks to Mason for the interview. 



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