Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Tunes

Don't know if I ever shared these... these are the original tunes I have up on Youtube.


First is "When The Blood Comes".
This song was written after a dream I had, and the lines just seemed to come flowing out.

Next, is Sweet Intoxications. This one is best described as "lustful irony".

Then finally, It's All Over. This song I actually completely re-wrote 3 different times. Think I finally "got it", if you know what I mean.

You can check out more of the original tunes here at and I will let everyone know in blog posts when I will have new stuff out. :-)

As you can tell from my early stuff, I was quite young when I recorded it. I was only seventeen in the recording studio, and I'm nineteen now. But my time in the recording studio was some of the best, and most educational in my life. It also instilled in me a love for production.

Someday, I will own my own studio.

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