Thursday, June 20, 2013

Linzi Stoppard, Violinist (Linzi Stoppard & FUSE Review)

Welcome back, everyone. It is an honor to say that today I will be doing a review/presentation of the one and only - the beautiful, talented, and thrilling - Linzi Stoppard

If you've never heard of her, you don't know what you're missing. 

Forget everything you've ever thought about the violin - and it's players. It's no longer for just for classical music, or little, old men. Linzi Stoppard revolutionizes the instrument. 

Linzi Stoppard is one half of the internationally-known duo FUSE, the first electric violin artists to sign with a major recording company. Linzi and Ben Lee have performed all over the world together, dazzling audiences with their unique string sounds. They also have their own line of Swarovski Crystal Violins, valued at over $1 million dollars. 
The duo seeks to show the world that the electric violin can be just as versatile as the electric guitar. They have certainly done a good job proving it so far!

Linzi herself has been playing classical violin since she was four years old, and was taught at the Suzuki Violin School. She can also play the piano and clarinet. 

Her musical success began in her teens, when she was spotted by two music producers. This led to her eventually adopting a more contemporary sound. She collaborated with a variety of artists, adding her own unique sound to various mixes. She forged a successful solo career for a couple of years before meeting up with Ben Lee. 

Linzi's virtuosity, versatility, and energy have made her a violin superstar. FUSE has already collaborated with others in the rock world, such as Francis Rossi, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. They have a long list of various achievements to add to their musical resume that would dazzle anyone. 

FUSE's YouTube videos have been viewed by millions, as well as their live TV shows. 

It's important to note that Linzi has also landed her first Hollywood feature film role in, "White Rose", with FUSE playing most of the soundtrack. 

FUSE's sound is original and captivating. Their style is incredible. They are exactly what the 21st century musical culture needs. 

Their style is mildly reminiscent of a contemporary string quartet, Bond, though FUSE stands out by fact of electric instrumental use alone. 
One can hear the classical roots, though quite a few styles have seemed to sneak their way into the unique sound made by FUSE. 

Take the following video, for example...

Being a violinist myself, I simply can't get enough of these new sound. 

If you love strings, check out FUSE, and/or Linzi Stoppard. You can order their album on iTunes, Amazon and more - if you like what you hear. 

Also, make sure to look them up on YouTube, and find out when FUSE is coming to a city near you!

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