Monday, December 24, 2012

Artist Review: Chords of Truth

Hello everyone! I'm back with another artist review. 

This time, I'll be reviewing and sharing music by Jason Garriotte (Chords of Truth), which has been remixed by producer Acid Nab. 

Enjoy the music - and check out the remixed EP here!


Remixed or not - there are some great tunes coming from Chords of Truth. The lyrics are incredible and tell a very straightforward story, and Jason's voice becomes one with you. He tells it how it is, and does so skillfully and with great depth. It's like listening to the words of a wise friend. 

Anyway, the particular project I am writing about is Jason's remixed album, which has been re-created by producer Acid Nab, which describes the re-stylized version as "Laptopfolk". 

The remix has been brilliantly done. While the producer has added a great touch of his own style and interpretation, he has stayed true to the artist's original work, vision, and stories. To be perfectly blunt, this is great music to just zone/chill out to, not have to think, harness the energy, and just enjoy the ride. 

There is a true and utter serene beauty to "What Life Is About", from the moment the song begins. Personally, "Tune Your Mind" is my favourite tune, especially from a lyrical standpoint. Though just like every song on the EP, the beat is great, too. 

Either way, this is one EP you won't want to miss!

Make sure to check it out here

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