Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Interview With Phil Jones

Hello everyone - MissTaintedLove here with another artist interview. 

This time, I will be interviewing Phil Jones of the Phil Jones band. Phil Jones is described as "a new American rock sound from Hawaii".  He is a UCLA graduate, having attended graduate school at USC. 
As a Californian from British descent, Phil moved to Hawaii in the year 2000.  His song writing is meant to "inspire positive change, religious tolerance, racial equality, peace and personal evolvement in a fast paced and changing world". 

He lives with his family in Kauai, and in addition to his music career, he runs a spa/resort/private home throughout Hawaii. 

Hope you enjoy the interview! The music of Phil Jones - and more about the artist - can be found by going here


If you could describe you and your music in five words, what would they be?
Someone told me I sounded like "Leonard Cohen meets the Beach Boys". That has a nice ring to it, although the beach/surfing comment is mostly because we are from Kauai. I think the use of the slide gives our music a Hawaiian sound as well.

What do you feel sets you apart from the crowd?
I am particularly pleased with my songwriting these days. I think the fact that I am now older, have had children and have been through a few bumps and bruises along the way, my lyrics and songwriting has really improved. As far as musicianship, I feel very fortunate to work with Kirk Smart who is masterful at any instrument you put in his hands, Eli Sandoval who's vocal range covers about four octaves and Cary Valentine who is world class drummer. I am also always impressed with the mixing my good friend Paul Christie does and my masterer, Dave Allen, is a saint and a die hard work-aholic who never stops until we are 100% satisfied!

How were you first introduced to music in your life?
My parents used to listen to the Beatles and I pretty much scratched every record they had. I also was a big Jackson 5 fan and then pretty much everything I could get my hands on until now I played.

At what point in your life was the defining moment that made you realize what you wanted to do, as a musician?
I have always been very into good music so I think it was always a passion but I think when I stopped doing cover songs and sang in my own voice and my own songs, is when I really got the bug.

What do you feel is the best piece of music you've created? Why do you choose this one?
I really like "Gone" which I will be releasing shortly. Although it is a fairly simple melody and has a light lyrical message of love, I like the groove a lot. But each of my songs, I must say, are special to me, otherwise I don't release them.

What plans do you have in the near future for music release/recording? What sets this upcoming project apart from your previous ones?
I am releasing the video "Gone" in a week or two and am currently shooting the video for the song "Roots". After that is finished, I will be compiling the eight songs I have recorded in the last two years onto an album and releasing that. After that, I am going to record and release single/videos for the next few years every other month or so.

Any upcoming tour plans?  N/A
I have been discussing playing the World Peace One Tour with the promoters starting in a few months but we'll see.

Any words of advice for young/aspiring musicians?
I highly suggest learning the new technologies because they really hold the key to self empowerment in your musical career. They are also a heck of a lot of fun regardless of what your plans are.

You can check out more about Phil Jones from the links below!

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