Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pascal Garoute

From time to time on here, I want to begin reviewing and interviewing indie artists. A lot of others don't know how hard it is for us to get our stuff out, so I take it upon myself that I want to help others like myself in any way I possibly can. 

Today, I'm writing about a very talented artist I met via Twitter, PascalGaroute. 

Pascal's YouTube page lists him as a upcoming Haitian artist/actor, and he has an abundance of interesting and very entertaining videos on his Youtube page

From original music, to skits, to remixes of popular songs - he has a lot of valuable content uploaded. My favourite is his remix of Kesha's blow, and his original rap piece about Anti-SOPA/PIPA ideals. He has a good voice, nice image, and a good message/vibe to spread around. 

Check out Pascal Garoute today!

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